Sunday, 23 July 2017

My School Sport Day

Today is my school sport day. I wake up early and eat my breakfast 🥛🍜. After that, I change my school sport attire . 
Once I reach the school field, the teacher started to take attendants of  the student. Then is time for the opening ceremony, marching with flag 🎏.  

After marching, the games begin.

First event is the 400 meter run 🏃for Year 1 to Year 6 boys 👦and girls 👧categories. Next event is the 100 meter run .After that comes the 4 X 100 meter relay  🏃 for both boys and girls.

Next comes the the team event that I have been waiting for the one leg skip with ball which I'm one of the member of participant. Although my team didn't win but we have try our best. The next team event which I have participate as well, Tug of War FINAL. For this event we try our very best and come out first 🥇.

At the end of the event, there is medal 🥇🥈🥉presentation ceremony. The emcee of the day announce my team won the overall champion 🏆. I'm very happy because I have participate and contribute today competition.

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