I want to watch movie but I have no time

Yesterday morning, I promised mummy today I finish my homework then watch movie πŸŽ₯. Mummy said:"YES you can.''

After I finish my homework,I ask mummy:"Can I watch movie πŸŽ₯?"Mummy said:"My dear,now is already late at night,you need to know how to manage your time ."I said :"OK."       πŸ’­
At night, while I'm drinking milk πŸ₯›, I think πŸ€”:"After finish my homework,I want to watch movie but it was already late 😟, so pitiful.

The next morning , I want to manage my time well so I make a timetable and follow it. I am positive and happy about it.

From this story, we must know how to manage our time well. Do meaningful activities such as read books πŸ“š,revision and exercise 🚴.