Sunday, 2 July 2017






This morning, I want to go for a 🎦 and asked my mother. My mother said: "I do not have the money to buy tickets for the movie, the money I and Dad earn is to support our family, take care of children. Do you think food or film is important?" I said: "Food important."

During lunch time while I'm eating, I saw and think: "There are a lot of people went to the movie, and I did not see the new movie, So Poor AH!" 😟

One day I visited my mother working place and I saw her working very hard and no time to eat, I feel so sad 😟, what a poor mother. From that day onward, I do not ask my parents to buy anything for me.

I think parents earning money is not easy, I decided not to go to the movie, and I'm very happy stay at home reading.

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